Author = Gholamreza Jandaghi
Number of Articles: 5
1. Identification of the Most Critical Factors in Bankruptcy Prediction and Credit Classification of Companies

Volume 14, Issue 4, Autumn 2021, Pages 817-834


Gholamreza Jandaghi; Alireza Saranj; Reza Rajaei; Ahmadreza Ghasemi; Reza Tehrani

2. A review of agent-based modeling (ABM) concepts and some of its main applications in management science

Volume 11, Issue 4, Autumn 2018, Pages 659-692


Hossein Sabzian; Mohammad Ali Shafia; Ali Bonyadi Naeini; Gholamreza Jandaghi; Mohammad Javad Sheikh

4. Contractor selection in MCDM context using fuzzy AHP

Volume 7, Issue 1, Winter 2014, Pages 151-173


Rahmatollah Gholipour; Gholamreza Jandaghi; Reza Rajaei

5. Application of qualitative research in management (why, when and how)

Volume 3, Issue 3, Winter 2010, Pages 59-73


غلامرضا جندقی; حسن زارعی متین