Organizational suggestion system in the era of holding by developing an innovative model : the case of bonyade ta avon holding in Iran(an applied model)


1 Professor of Tehran University, Faculty of Management Collage

2 EMBA from Tehran University


One of the popular ways of taking advantage of personnel creativity is through suggestion systems. Our main question is how to implement suggestion system in holding with conglomerate structure. The paper presents an innovative model that were named ITFSK Model with accordance of Bonayade Taavone (a holding that has many companies and institutions with conglomerate structure). ITFSK is a model that explains how participation management and suggestion system is implemented effectively in huge Enterprises (holding) and this approach brings continuous improvement (kaizen) and it impacts the productivity of these enterprises.
The paper is based on field research and the research in Bonyade Tavan that has 22 companies and 2 institutions that activity fields of the subholdings is very varied.
Our model consists of five main parts such as ideas bank, think-tank, feedback, sharing of knowledge and kaizen that was named ITFSK.