Study of the relation between employees' participation in organizational decisions making and empowerment in mazanderan


1 Faculty member of shomal nonprofit university

2 Assistant professor of management faculty of the University of Tehran-Qom College

3 Associate professor of management faculty, University of Tehran


Purpose – The aim of this study is to examine relation between employees’ participation in the organizations decisions making and their psychological empowerment in Iran Telecommunication Company subsidiary of Mazanderan Province.
Design / methodology /approach- 250 employees from the Iran Telecommunication Company subsidiary of Mazanderan Province participated in this study. A Spearman's correlation analysis was used to investigate correlation between participation employees in decision making and psychological empowerment among employees Telecommunication Company of Mazanderan Province.
Finding – the findings of this study have shown that higher levels of PDM are associated with significantly higher Competence, Meaningfulness, Impact and Self-determination (p_value>0.05). A significant positive correlation was found between employees’ participation decisions making and total dimension empowerment. Coefficient correlation PDM and empowerment is 0.71 that indictor relation strengthens between two variables.