Designing a Mathematical Model for Allocating Budget to University Research and Educational Goals:A Case Study in Shahed University


1 استادیار دانشکده مدیریت دانشگاه شاهد، تهران، ایران

2 دانشیار دانشکده مدیریت دانشگاه شاهد، تهران، ایران

3 فوق لیسانس مدیریت دانشگاه شاهد، تهران، ایران


Institutions of higher education, both public and private, are among the most important institutions of a country. Several economic factors have forced them to act for improving the cost-effectiveness of their activities and the quality of their products (outputs) is strongly expected. Such issues have led universities to focus on profit-making activities and commercialization like manufacturing industries. This propensity is grounded in the fact that manufacturing industries working under an efficient management system can produce very high-quality products. As a matter of fact, there is no such a model for academic contexts. Therefore, this paper is aimed at offering such a model. The coefficients and constants used in this model have all been extracted based on analyzing research and educational aspects of Shahed University. The proposed model is a lexicographic model which has thirty six decision variables that are broken down into two classes of university sources variables (fifteen) ...