CEO Emotional Intelligence and Board of Directors Efficiency


1 دانشجوی دکتری مدیریت مالی و حسابداری مواد، دانشگاه صفاقس، صفاقس، تونس

2 دانشیار دانشگاه صفاقس، صفاقس، تونس


This article deals with the relationship existing between the emotional aspect and decision-making processes. More specifically, it examines the links between emotional intelligence, decision biases and effectiveness of the governance mechanisms. The primary purposes of this article are to: consider emotional intelligence like new research ideas that make important contributions to society; offer suggestions for improving manuscripts submitted to the journal; and discuss methods for enhancing the validity of inferences made from research.
The article explains that the main cause of organization’s problems is CEO emotional intelligence level. I will use three models (linear regression and logistic binary regression) to examine this correlation: each model treats the relationship between emotional intelligence and one of efficiency criteria of the board. Emotional intelligence has been measured according to the Schutte self-report emotional intelligence scale (Schutte et al., 1998) with a high internal validity level. Regarding the four cognitive ...