Innovation Strategies, Performance Diversity and Development: An Empirical Analysis in Iran Construction and Housing Industry

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of Literature & Humanities, Department of Management, University of Guilan, Rasht, Iran


Innovation strategy is the basis of success in innovation and performance improvement. This paper represents a model related to the most important innovation strategies which have a significant impact on performance of industries. Then, it examines the relationships between innovation strategies and diversity and development of the performance. So, the empirical research was carried out in Iranian construction industry and practical data were gathered out of7main industry institutions and 93 construction SMEs by questionnaires to examine paper objectives. The findings show that innovation strategies such as proactive, analyzer, futuristic and aggressive strategies influence on the performance development of the industry. Also, strategies such as proactive, risk taking and futuristic ones are the most effective innovation strategies in the performance diversity. Results of this study suggest that to achieve performance diversity and development, construction industry's policy makers and top managers should implement and promote pro active and futurity strategies, simultaneously, across the industry.