The Effect of Marketing Tactical Capabilities on the Financial Performance of the Firms: Meta-Analysis Approach

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Management, School of Administrative Sciences and Economics, University of Isfahan, Iran


Studying the effect of marketing tactical capabilities on the financial performance of the firms is now proposed as one of the most important priorities of marketing researches. However, the results of the studies in many academic fields that are conducted about a specific issue are usually contrasting. Meta-analysis is a research approach that helps the researcher to achieve a suitable combination of quantitative results of consistent and inconsistent studies in the past. Although various researches have been conducted, such contrast is also observed in the relation between marketing tactical capabilities and financial performance. Therefore, the purpose of this article was to propose and test a comprehensive model of the relation between marketing tactical capabilities and financial performance by critical reviewing of research literature on the basis of meta-analysis approach. The results show that marketing cross-functional capabilities and marketing dynamic capabilities are effective on organizational performance; however, no relation is observed between marketing specialized capabilities and organizational performance. Also, customer performance and market performance will have a positive effect on financial performance of the firm.


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