An Evaluation of a Managing Director's Performance in an Organization in Terms of Time

Document Type : Research Paper


1 public administration, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, tehran, iranProfessor, public administration, Faculty of Management, University of Tehran, Iran

2 Ph.D. Candidate, Production and Operation Management, University of Tehran, Iran

3 Master of Business Management, Science and Research, Branch Islamic Azad University, Iran


This paper evaluates the behavior of a manager in a period of time as a sample and gives detailed results and analysis in relation with organizational goals. It uses computer software to record daily activities with some details. In order to improve a manager’s behavior in relation with organizational goals TMIM was designed. TMIM measures and evaluates the time spent by the managers to improve the way of allocating their time to the organizational expectations. This model considers the time spent by managers to organizational goals and in the meantime considers the attention they pay to continuous improvement as a strong tool of productivity as well. In this model "the main activities and key processes of the organization", "the way of communications" and, "departments and personnel" are determined first. Then, the time a manager spends to handle the organizational processes in relation with departments and personnel through a compatible communication is measured. Finally, spent times are analyzed and time management solutions are presented. The designed model was performed in an electric service providing company through figuring out the characteristics of the managerial behavior by recording and analyzing four years experiences. Before performing this model, time allocation by the managing director was not compatible with the organization's missions and goals. After performing TMIM; analyzing results; and giving feedback, new time allocation led to obvious improvements and managerial effectiveness as a result of the manager's performances.


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