On the Effects of Organizational Culture on Organizational Performance: An Iranian Experience in State Bank Branches

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Business Management, Persian Gulf University, Bousher, Iran


While many researchers devoted numerous articles to the organizational culture, relatively few articles have been contributed to culture and performance research. The purpose of this study is to shed light on the role of organizational culture on performance. To achieve this goal and in order to measure organizational culture, Denison organizational culture model was used. The components of this model are: involvement, consistency, adaptation and mission. For performance evaluation survey, EFQM model was used. This model surveys performance in two different areas of enablers and results. The conceptual model of the research was tested by Structural Equation Modelling. Some university professors and Bank experts confirmed the Validity of questionnaires, and the reliability was tested by Cronbach alpha coefficient. Managers of the bank branches filled the performance evaluation questionnaires, and employees filled organization culture questionnaires. The results showed that between the components of organizational culture, just involvement and adaptability affect the performance of banks. The remaining components have indirect effect on the performance.


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