Towards an Enhancement of Knowledge Generation in Marketing by Contributions from Non-Western Contexts



Department of Marketing, University of Strathclyde, Scotland


This editorial paper highlights the significance of scholarly contributions from non-western contexts to business and management studies in general and marketing in particular. It calls for constructive, ethical, and committed collaborations between authors and reviewers of academic articles in order to collectively enhance knowledge generation in a global era. Using Iranian Journal of Management Studies as a case, it argues that whilst the increasingly epidemic west-centric journal rankings determine research quality perceptionsglobally, high quality research outputs from local non-western contexts can help draw the attention of researchers across the world to the value of work undertaken in non-western contexts. On this basis, it presents some hands-on suggestions for enhancing the quality of research outputsfrom non-westerncontexts, particularly in relation to new or emerging journals such as Iranian Journal of Management Studies.


Main Subjects