Evaluation of Social Media Platforms using Best Worst Method and Fuzzy VIKOR Methods: A Case Study of Travel Agency

Document Type: Research Paper


Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of International Trade and Logistics, University of KTO Karatay, Turkey


A correct social media strategy is essential for travel agencies working in today's global market to reach customers. The travel industry is a service-oriented industry, and travel agencies can easily reach their customers on social media by transforming their marketing strategies at no extra costs. There are so many options that a travel agency can use to make itself more visible on social media. However, it is very difficult to choose the most suitable option. From this viewpoint an analytical framework including BWM and fuzzy VIKOR is presented to find the best social media platforms in this study. First, the weights of nine criteria that are identified by the literature survey and expert interviews are obtained by using BWM. Then, these weights are incorporated with fuzzy VIKOR for the ranking of social media platforms. During the implementation phase, the managers of a travel agency in Turkey are supported by the proposed framework for the organization. Results indicated that cost criterion is the most important criterion (0.189), then the audience is on the second rank (0.158). The results of the framework show that the proposed methodology is valid and can contribute to improving the decision-making process of enterprises and organizations.


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