Effect of Consumer Perception of Brand Equity Fit on Purchase Intention for Brands in Symbolic Alliances

Document Type : Review article


1 Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies, Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Ibadan

2 Department of marketing and Consumer Studies, faculty of Economics and Management, University of Ibadan


This paper examined the effect of consumers’ perception of brand equity fit on purchase intention for focal brands in symbolic alliances through an empirical investigation of consumer-based brand equity elements. Using the signaling theory, this study empirically tests a model to examine the effect of brand equity fit between brands in a symbolic brand alliance on consumers’ purchase intentions for selected consumable products in Lagos, Nigeria. A sample of 384 supporters of the partnered brands in a symbolic brand alliance was considered for the study. The result of the ordered logistic regression indicated that brand equity has an effect on consumers’ purchase intention for the selected consumable products. The results show that brand equity fit employed has positive significant impact on purchase intention for the brands in the symbolic alliance. The study broadens the existing studies on fit components of brand alliances. The findings of this research provide the strategic benefit of jointly presenting a brand with another brand with a good brand equity fit.


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