An Empirical Study to Retain Good Quality Employees in Indian Firms

Document Type : Research Paper


Birla Institute of Technology , Mesra,Ranchi


This study aims to determine the various factors influencing employee retention and attempt to measure the same, especially in Indian firms, as employees are the most crucial asset for any organization. Even though most organizations today are technology-enabled, but human resources are needed to handle modern equipment. One of the most prominent challenges organizations face regarding human resource (HR) planning is retaining good, skilled, and efficient employees for long. To achieve productivity in the competitive world, capable and efficient employees must utilize available resources effectively. In this study, the sample was collected from various employees of different Indian firms by a self-administered survey questionnaire based on the random sampling method.The analysis was done by SPSS and Structural Equation Modelling by AMOS 20. The findings affirm that organizations today need to develop a strong bonding between management and employee, create a good communicative environment, and encourage employees to work as a team without discrimination. Furthermore, this study also provides various recommendations for HR managers to give respect along with the value and appreciation, provide a healthy work environment, job design, place employees according to their skills, and provide career growth opportunities to retain a quality workforce by making them committed engaged.


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