Are Indian Consumers willing to share personal data to avail personalized recommendations? - Indian Artificial Intelligence Market Perspective

Document Type : Research Paper


Loyola Institute of Business Administration


The willingness of the user to share personal information is an important factor that drives AI applications. This study aims to explore the AI beliefs of the consumers who are willing/not willing to share their personal data with the AI applications. The study was conducted across India by adopting the questionnaire survey method. An Independent sample t-test was conducted on the final sample of 610 respondents in order to analyze the difference in the means of each of the AI beliefs when divided based on the willingness to share. The results show that the consumers who are willing to share personal data to AI applications have more trust in AI, have a strong preference for AI’s recommendations, currently use these applications, are very aware of these applications, have a positive outlook on their performance and desire several AI applications in the future. They are less worried about the dangers of AI in the future and have less negative feedback. Businesses that invest in AI applications need to educate their target consumers about their data policy and strengthen their beliefs about AI so that they are willing to share personal data in order to avail recommendations.


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