Startup opportunities in the sports industry based on developing a conceptual framework for the sports ecosystem in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


sport management, Arak university ,


The present study aims to identify startup opportunities in the sports industry by developing a conceptual framework for the sports ecosystem in Iran. Despite increased interest by researchers in sports startup opportunities, few studies have examined these opportunities based on the sports ecosystem framework. The research approach was qualitative, with participants consisting of professors, experts in sports sciences, and entrepreneurs active in sports startups. Data were collected using review articles and Delphi techniques. The findings indicated that stakeholders, infrastructure, and processes such as support processes, policies, planning, and institutional factors, including the development of the public, championship, and professional and educational sports, could be effective in achieving developmental goals. Hence, the challenges of each of these sectors can provide opportunities for developing sports startups. Therefore, recognizing sports startup opportunities can pave the way for investing and creating entrepreneurial potential in sports and make the sports economy more dynamic.


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