Towards flectronhc Customer Relationship Management: An e-CRM Solutions Development Methodolo


1 (Associate professor University of Tehran)

2 (professor, University of Tehran)

3 (Ms. Graduat, d From Faculty of Managem


customer is felt more and more. Today organizations can't make it faraway without giving attention to their customer's needs. For this purpose organizations try out many concepts which can help them be leader in managing their customers. One such concept is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM). CRM has come a long way since its inception in business circles and its major change is felt in today's internet era. The internet has given rise to the e-CRM. The concept of e-CRM is to manage the customers through the Internet. In deploying CRMle-CRM solutions, organizations don't tend to plan strategically and also don't have a proper methodology in place that will guide them in rolling out their customer initiatives at any stage of their CRMle-CRM. By Taking the above view into consideration ...