The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Employee Performance: Mediating Effects of Organizational Citizenship Behaviors

Document Type : Research Paper


Business and Management Department, Tishk International University, Kurdistan Region of Iraq


Transformational leaders are accepted as one of the most influential leaders on the employee favorable outcomes. The current paper aims to investigate the link between transformational leadership and both employee performance and citizenship behaviors. Further, it examines the correlation between the sub-dimensions of transformational leadership (TL) and organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB) respectively. To achieve this, 399 useful data were collected via survey questionnaire using the convenience sampling method. According to the findings, inspirational motivation had significant and positive effects on employee performance (EP). Furthermore, OCB affected EP partially; while courtesy and conscientiousness had a significant positive impact on EP. Concerning the relationship between TL and OCB; individual consideration has significant and positive effects on courtesy and civic virtue, but not on sportsmanship and conscientiousness, while idealized influence has no significant relationship with OCB dimensions. Finally, in terms of the OCB's mediation, individual consideration has an indirect effect on EP via conscientiousness.


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