Main Subjects = Finance
Number of Articles: 30
1. The Effect of company's Interest Coverage Ratio on the Structural and Reduced-Form Models, in Predicting Credit Derivatives Price

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 12 August 2021


Amirhossein Taebi Noghondari; Hadis Zeinali; Asghar Beytollahi

2. A Second-order Hierarchical Clustering of Cryptocurrencies

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 03 October 2021


Hojjatollah Sadeqi

3. The Impact of Persian News on Stock Returns Through Text Mining Techniques

Volume 14, Issue 4, Autumn 2021, Pages 799-816


Zahra Azizi; Neda Abdolvand; Hassan Ghalibaf Asl; Saeedeh Rajaee Harandi

4. Identification of the Most Critical Factors in Bankruptcy Prediction and Credit Classification of Companies

Volume 14, Issue 4, Autumn 2021, Pages 817-834


Gholamreza Jandaghi; Alireza Saranj; Reza Rajaei; Ahmadreza Ghasemi; Reza Tehrani

6. The Role of Regulation in Banking: Liquidity Risk Perspective

Volume 13, Issue 3, Summer 2020, Pages 391-412


Syajarul Imna Mohd Amin; Aisyah Abdul-Rahman

8. The Impact of China’s Investment on Malaysia

Volume 13, Issue 1, Winter 2020, Pages 51-68


Noor Azryani Auzairy; Kevin Kek Wai Hin; Hui Xian Pang; Lee Teng Yong

10. Factors Affecting the Performance of Sharia Equity Funds in Indonesia

Volume 12, Issue 4, Autumn 2019, Pages 481-508


Chandra Setiawan; Ni Putu Kanila Wati

13. Impact of Buyback of Shares on Firm Value: An Empirical Evidence from India

Volume 11, Issue 3, Summer 2018, Pages 425-436


Pritpal Singh Bhullar; Dyal Bhatnagar; Pradeep Gupta

19. International Portfolio Diversification at Industry Level within South-East Asian Stock Markets

Volume 10, Issue 1, Winter 2017, Pages 91-112


Gholamreza Mansourfar; Hamzeh Didar; Sarvin Jodatnia

20. Co-movement among industry indices of Tehran Stock Exchange, Wavelet Coherence approach

Volume 9, Issue 3, Summer 2016, Pages 539-558


Somayeh Mohammadi; Ebrahim Abbasi; Gholamreza Mansourfar; Fahimeh Beiglari

22. A hybrid model for estimating the probability of default of corporate customers

Volume 9, Issue 3, Summer 2016, Pages 651-673


Reza Raei; Mahdi Saeidi Kousha; Saeid Fallahpour; Mohammad Fadaeinejad

25. Corporate diversification and efficiency of manufacturing firms listed in Bursa Malaysia

Volume 8, Issue 4, Autumn 2015, Pages 523-544


Meysam Doaei; Melati Ahmad Anuar; Zuhaimy Ismail